Disk Drill Mac Data Recovery Software
  • Recover All File Formats

    Recover any file or folder or reconstruct 200+ file types with multiple recovery methods.
  • All Major Devices Supported

    Connect your storage device & recover data in minutes. Disk Drill supports iOS and Android recovery as well.
  • No Expert Skills Needed

    Download Disk Drill, a do-it-yourself data recovery app. Just one "Recover" button to get it all done.

Scan for Lost Data

Free Disk Drill can scan and recover data from virtually any storage device — including internal Macintosh hard drives, external hard drives, cameras, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android devices, USB flash drives, Kindles, and memory cards.

In many cases, Disk Drill can read your device even if it is failing, unreadable, or has lost a partition. Combining several powerful scanning algorithms, Disk Drill provides a complete Mac data recovery solution.

Disk Drill - Free Lost Recovery and Protection

Recover lost data on Mac

Disk Drill makes data recovery in Mac OS X super easy. With just one click of a button, it will run through all of its scanning functions and display a list of files that can be potentially recovered. You can even preview these files so that you can determine which ones can be successfully recovered.

If you have Disk Drill’s data protection features enabled, some methods of file recovery on your Mac are free! If not, a quick upgrade will enable you to recover deleted files and get back to work.

Scan, Review and Recover - Simple Data Recovery for Mac

Simple Mac File Recovery

Disk Drill puts the emphasis on easy. You shouldn’t have to be a Macintosh expert to recover files. We have designed our app to ensure that you don’t have to spend hours figuring out a new software. And our online knowledge base provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for each Disk Drill feature.

On the other hand, if you’re a computer expert, there are plenty of ways for you to customize the recovery process. If it's possible, Disk Drill will recover deleted data for you.

Our Top-notch Data Recovery Software Ensures the Best Result

Deep Scan of T2 and M1 Macs

As a comprehensive data recovery app, Disk Drill requires low-level access to storage devices. The macOS operating system gives such a privileged level of access only to the most trusted software, and Disk Drill is the only solution of its kind that can recover deleted data not only from external drives but also system disks connected to Macs with T2 and M1 chips.

Disk Drill achieves the necessary level of access by deploying its own kernel extension (known as kext). The extension allows Disk Drill developers to load code directly into the macOS kernel, which is the core part of the operating system.

Deep Scan of T2 and M1 Macs

Time Machine Backups and Snapshots

Permanently deleted files that have become overwritten by new data can still be recovered from existing backups, and Disk Drill makes this easier with its ability to parse Time Machine backup disks and scan local Time Machine snapshots.

Time Machine backup disks are external or network-attached storage devices where incremental backups of files are saved. Such disks are automatically detected by Disk Drill, and you can scan them with a simple click. Local Time Machine snapshots, on the other hand, are saved on the system drive when backup disks are not available, and Disk Drill processes by default.

Time Machine Backups and Snapshots

Native Apple Silicon (M1) Compatibility

Since their introduction in November 2020, Macs with ARM-based M1 chips have become wildly popular among consumers thanks to their remarkable energy efficiency and performance. However, the new architecture breaks compatibility with apps designed exclusively for Intel-based Macs, forcing their users to rely on a dynamic binary translator called Rosetta 2.

The latest version of Disk Drill is fully optimized for both older Intel-based Macs and the latest Macs with M1 chips, allowing it to always reliably and quickly retrieve lost data from any storage device that’s compatible with macOS.

Native Apple Silicon (M1) Compatibility

Restore Data on Any Internal or External Storage, iOS and Android

Hard drive or memory card went suddenly blank or is not recognized? You may have a lost partition issue. The data might still be there, but the "map" the Mac computer needs to find the data might be lost. Disk Drill enables you to restore the lost partition and get back your data, if it's still there. All mountable devices are supported. Various recovery methods are available based on the file system, even formatted drives are recoverable.

  • Laptops and Desktops
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Digital Cameras
  • Internal & External Hard Drives
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Android Devices (rooted)
  • Memory Cards
  • And more...

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Disk Drill is not only about Mac data recovery. It's also packed with useful disk tools for all data professionals and home users. The following extra tools are free and packed in Disk Drill right out-of-the-box. There’s no need to buy more apps to clean up your Macintosh, find duplicates on your hard drive, backup your data, or monitor your disks' health. Download free Disk Drill, and you are all covered.
Additional tools are free.

Latest release: Disk Drill 4.6, requires Mac OS X 10.11.6+.
Other versions available for older Macs.

Top Use Cases for Mac Data Recovery

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Good recovery... just used it. Download Free Disk Drill Data Recovery for Mac OS X
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If you've ever accidently saved over a document or deleted a presentation, you know the pain that comes with losing a file. CleverFiles Disk Drill Pro ($89) turns back that clock. The data recovery utility scans a desktop's hard drive—and any external drives connected to it—in order to retrieve and reconstruct lost files. Thanks to exceptionally thorough scanning and vast signature support, it returns a trove of results that you can winnow with advanced filters.
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